• Na czym polega niciowe pikowanie tkanin?

    Yes. Karma now offers the ability to insert a slider on every page template. When creating a page you’ll simply use Karma’s custom ‚Slider Settings’ section of the Page Editing screen to customize and insert your Slider. We’ve made sure to stay true to the default WordPress interface so absolutely nothing new to learn. Gone are the days of being locked down to a „homepage template”. Boo-yah!

  • Is it true I can have unlimited Gallery Pages?

    Indeed it is. In Karma 4.0 we have made it possible to create unlimited Gallery Pages using Parent and Child Categories. First you will go to Gallery Posts > Categories in the WordPress backend, then create a Category, by default it will be a Parent. Now any category you create after just select that previous category as a parent. Each Parent Category represents its own gallery. So now all you have to do is choose the parent category in the page editor for the page you wish to display the gallery on.

  • Can I use Shortcodes in a Blog Post?

    Yes you can. We have taken the liberty of putting together some recommended shortcodes for the blog. For recommended Columns Click Here. And for other Shortcode examples Click Here.

  • How is it I can build my own homepage?

    We won’t get into all the technical jargen. We will however say it is as easy as riding a bike. In Karma 4.0 there is no set homepage layout. We have given you the option to use any of the layout templates (Left Sidebar, Right Nav + Sidebar, ect.) as your homepage layout. Also in the Page Editor we have allowed you to turn off certain elements such as the Title Bar to better suit your homepage needs. Combine that with being able to put a slider on any page and VOILA, you get to make your own homepage. Once again, Have Fun!

  • Can I use Google Fonts with Karma 4.0?

    You bet you can. Just travel on over to the custom Site Options Panel (Appearance > Site Options > Fonts). When there you will have the ability to choose from 11 preset samples we have provided for the Google Fonts. Or you have the option to enter your own custom font. Cheers!